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Contact: Scott Sears (314) 610-4260


Christopher Sears (314) 973-9211


Christopher Sears is pleased to announce the release of his new ‘vintage pop’ record “Bread Boy” – a coming of age album reminiscent of the Glam Rock era of the late 70’s and early 80’s. Mr. Sears’ title track and opener tells the tale of the alienated delivery boy in the urban jungle of New York City. Mr. Sears weaves between the epic and ethereal in this haunting ballad, aided capably by Sydney Torin Shepherd’s cello, Adrian Blake Enscoe’s Spanish style guitar and Michael Voelker’s snare drum.  Bread Boy the album then takes the listener on a spectacular journey of lyrical imagery and musical styles in a work that both celebrates and recoils from the maturation process of a young millennial male in the Big Apple.

Silver Screen the album’s 2nd track is a classic anthem with a great melody which celebrates the romantic ideals of young artist’s goals … “we’re going to change the world, we’re going to change the world.” Medicine follows revealing Sears’ Brechtian influence as he moves between his fortissimo power voice and the haunting falsetto ably interwoven with Ms. Shepherd’s cello and the ensemble’s harmonies.

The 4th track of Bread Boy; Born is a romantic fable and homage to Mr. Sears’s family life (while much of album Mr. Sears plays the piano here he picks up the guitar) and plays this heart-warming and humorous song in duet with his real- life sister, Sienna Sears who richly sings backing vocals on the album.

Perhaps the most topical and provocative number on Bread Boy is the Selfie Song which is an intense Frank Zappa-esq barrage capturing today’s media-soaked reality. “Nobody likes me, but I have so many friends,” quips Sears as he rips thru this multi-layered song, which becomes a mini rock opera unto itself.

Mr. Sears’ theatrical background becomes evident throughout the record as noted in the quiet, cool and reflective The Actor (the album’s 7th song) as well as his marvelous lyrics woven throughout the album reflecting the power of today’s overbearing media.  “I’m going to be a star on the Silver Screen, I’m going to walk my mama down the carpet Red” (Silver Screen). “Martha will you marry me, I’d like to thank the Academy” (Selfie Song). Between his stints busking on the New York subway and playing gigs in Brooklyn and Manhattan, Mr. Sears has been seen on stage opposite Harvey Fierstein at the Public Theatre in “Gently Down the Stream” by Martin Sherman and most recently completed a stint playing John Lennon in the World Premiere of Bob Steven’s “Only Yesterday” at Northern Stage.

The signature piece of the record and longest track; The Fall is nearly operatic in its scope and conjures images of an early Peter Gabriel or David Bowie as its influence. The song which summarizes the adult maturation process of corporate America in Orwellian factory type vibe is almost grotesque but then is resolved by a sumptuous piano riff that demonstrates Mr. Sears’ considerable keyboard skills. Bread Boy wraps with the challenging ballad “New York Times” which is just Mr. Sears alone at the piano and is a song where he is very much alone. It features beautiful lyrics and the odd comfort that we all come together when we realize that “we are all alone.”

Just as Mr. Sears may be taking us down a dark rabbit hole he thankfully adds the bonus track; I Don’t Know, full-fledged Gospel Blues encore that pays tribute to the album’s New Orleans roots and producer Johnny Azari.  Mr. Sears and Mr. Azari met on the set of Azari’s father’s film, “The ADK” (Shoja Azari) and several recording sessions later plus a Kickstarter campaign the two got together to produce the record at Studio 101 NOLA in New Orleans in the winter of 2017. The record is ably supported by Cassidy Holden on Bass, Joshua Scalf on Sax, Andriu Yanovski on Organ and Corey Mack, Beat Box; and Mastered in New York by Alex DeTurk @ Strange Weather.

Christopher Sears will play his album live this Memorial Day weekend at Judson Memorial Church along with key ensemble players from the album Sienna Sears and his dynamic collaborative duo from the band; Bandits on the Run, Sydney Torin Shepherd and Adrian Blake Enscoe.  Showtime is Sunday May 27th at 8PM.

Bread Boy by Christopher Sears is available for sales on Mr. Sears’s website and will be released worldwide May 25th on most major online music outlets including iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

Clearly as one listens to Christopher Sears’ Bread Boy, one conjures the concept records of old and influences ranging from The Beatles and Bob Dylan to the more recent sounds of Oasis, Coldplay and Counting Crows. Mr. Sears frequently breaks the conventional song format with a pension for different bridges and entirely new melodies within single songs, but as one listens to the piece there is an abundance of catchy melodic riffs, haunting harmonies and kaleidoscopic lyrics for the 21st century.

For more info contact:

Scott Sears – Cell: 314-610-4260


Christopher Sears – Cell: 314-973-9211


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