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Musician, Actor, Painter


Moonchildren THE OPERA

Playing June 3 in NYC @ 7p

at the Quaker Meeting Hall

215 East Rutherford Place

15th St between 2 & 3rd Ave.

A new Rock Opera written by Christopher Sears and featuring band mates Sienna Sears, Adrian Enscoe and Sydney Shepherd.

A tour de force with 2 pianos, guitar, accordion, cello & kick drum enjoy this spectacular choral feat as we witness a man finding his true path with the help of the FOOL the force of the MOON and the wisdom of the beggar woman GRACE.

DADDY video


Christopher's music is live fast wild romantic genuine and above all human. He plays with his sister Sienna and dear friends Sydney and Adrian. With cello, guitar, piano and many many voices they envelope the listener into a world where expression is limitless and honesty abundant.

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