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Christopher's new Opera, MOONCHILDREN has been five years in the making with bandmates; Sienna Sears, Adrian Enscoe and Sydney Shepherd

A combination of Ticking Man, Bread Boy and Mr. Robin with some poignant new songs this is a tour de force with pianos, guitar, accordion, cello and kick drum.  A story about a man who  chooses to keep his child spirit alive with the help of the FOOL the force of the MOON and the wisdom of GRACE the beggar woman, as he falls into the adult world of time and direction.

Playing June 3rd in NYC at 

Quaker Meeting Hall
15 Rutherford Place



Ticking Man 2nd Album

Ticking Man, Christopher's second album, is a musical odyssey that follows an ordinary American man as he morphs to society's mold and moves to the consuming pace of its clock. This metamorphosis closes his soul and turns off his light. He becomes a stranger to his music. Yet the music plays on, the music never dies. Will he hear it and forgive the way he has been taught to understand time? TICKING MAN 2020

Christopher's first album BREAD BOY

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